William Rollet

From his childhood, he retains a special affection for the kitchen of his mother and grandmother. His native Auvergne, he keeps a taste for the local product. And it is this requirement that the qualitative results on the track record of the best restaurants.

Learning in Vichy, Aletti palace, it is recommended to "go up to Paris" to perfect foundation promising. It is a place half party leader at the Tour d'Argent!

Then William offers a European experience in Constance, Germany, in Hotel Krone. He made the Cannes Film Festival at the Carlton and Roland Garros Potel & Chabot.
He learns to maintain the highest quality for very large volumes with teams no less substantial.

In 2003, the former "Chef" of the Tour d'Argent Thierry Vaissière become the chief of Maison Blanche reminds him. Besides the friendship between the two men is the high reputation of Jacques and Laurent Pourcel motivate his arrival in the elegant restaurant on the Avenue Montaigne. William knew the traditional houses, had retained the rigor and requirements. But he wanted to discover the dust off the old kitchen, guided by a hint of anti-conformism, innovative cuisine, which is not afraid to dare acidity, bitterness, through alliances with well-balanced sweet and salty, bitter-sweet, crunchy-soft ... it was also an opportunity for him to work fine products. Then after 5 years of loyal service, he decided to become "the Chef" in a Parisian palace Hotel Murano Resort. It is here that he can let his creative expression as this palace is one of the finest hotels in the world design. Always in compliance with the beautiful product, they are going to convince customers and journalists that creation is the cut-away.

It is in this context that William has put his skills and modern while remaining rooted in the high culinary tradition at the service of your restoration projects.

For further information, please contact William by email: william@clefooodconsulting.com



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