Nicolas Bonnet

Why restaurant and nothing else?

Since he is friends with William Rollet, Nicolas has always followed very closely the world of food. During William was in Aletti Palace, he discovered a taste for quality products. Subsequently, Nicolas continues its path in the financial world, Ernst & Young through audit and M & A, digest another face important of "haute cuisine" and luxury hotels. He participated in the development, restructuring of Royal Monceau and Peninsula Avenue Kleber, who are among the finest luxury hotels in Paris.


It does not stop in so good way: come the Middle East with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Several different backgrounds who enrich his journey and offers complementarity with William adventure in Cle Food Consulting.

In addition to these skills in terms of management, Nicolas has found talent manager, you can lend its services in the intricacies of management control: technical, billing, estimates, ratios, profitability, find new suppliers, etc. .. All these words are scary, it will do its part!

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